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Day 5. Ohio to Detroit, part 1

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I wake up around 8am with a slight hangover. I jump into the shower to see if it makes me feel better. It doesn’t. I fall back asleep on the floor.

We leave and Tonya is late for work. We walk through her neighborhood, hop a wired fence and start sticking our thumb out.

The group splits into 2. I pair up with Angus and Tina pairs up with Arturo.

Teacup chirps us on the walkie talkie, and tells us she caught a ride and that they’re going to scoop us up. We meet Jeff, who turns out to be a successful millionaire in his 50s. We are super excited he retells a poem from memory and catch everything on camera.

He drops us off at a Pilot truck stop, we shake hands, trade info, and we part ways. We take this time to charge up all of our electronics and order junk food from McDonalds.

We walk on to the highway and not too long after, a cop turns on his lights and pulls over. He yells “What the fuck are you guys doing?!” and then he notices my camera and changes his tone. I greet him with a smile.

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Written by Woncho like Poncho

December 8, 2013 at 7:05 PM