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Day 7. Detroit to Kalamazoo

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Before leaving Detroit, we decide to explore the neighborhood a little bit.

Near this liquor store, we decide to go to a restaurant called Akbar. I order the Akbar steak sandwich. Turns out this place is a black muslim restaurant, I don’t think I’ve ever been to one.

The guys in the neighborhood are nice and friendly and tells us to be careful and that there’s lots of crazy people around. I go outside to take pictures of the restaurant and my black plastic gun falls out of my pants. One of the hood guys tells me that I dropped my “shooter”. We both laugh and I tell him thanks.

We head back to John’s house and leave around 5pm. John agrees to give us a lift to Kalamazoo.

We get to Kalamazoo and I am excited to go to check out my brand of beer ever. Bells Brewery.  I get drunk, and we get kicked out of Bells for eating an apple (considered outside food) fuck you nerdy douche.

We decide to hit the bar next door and we get 3 separate groups of people offering places to stay. Random acts of kindness on the road is the best feeling ever.We end up heading back with Brandon and stay in Portage, which is next to Kalamazoo. He makes sure we are having a good time and has great taste in music and movies.

We get drunk and catch lots of footage. I pass out on the bed in the guest bedroom.

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Written by Woncho like Poncho

December 8, 2013 at 8:52 PM

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