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Day 6. Wake up in Detroit

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After staying the night in the Bando, we feel like targets. We get a tour of the house, meet the neighborhood rooster, Pee-wee the rat, Zaire, and the rest of the residents of the abandoned home. We charge up all our electronics and chill on the porch. I piss on the garage next door.

Across the street there’s a fun slide attached from the top of the roof for people to slide down.

Arturo and I explore downtown Detroit and eat shawarmas and “borrow” food from a popular health food store. We walk downtown from midtown and catch the bus back to the area.

We get a call from Angus sometime during the day and hell tells us we have another Squat we can go to. One with electricity, water, and a lock on the door in a safer part of town.

We head back, pack up and typical of Angus, he’s the last one to get ready before going anywhere.

We head to this house and meet John, the balding late 20s dude who knows how to illegally hook up electricity and water to his home. We feel WAY safer and are much more at ease. On our way over Josh and Danny gives a ride and tells us what to expect

We get there and the first thing I see is some devil spray painted on the wall. The place is kind of dark and we walk to a local convenience store and we want to do something local. We decide to buy Faygo, the famous drink touted by ICP. We meet everyone that currently lives in the house and Hippie Mike is hilarious. Josh is persistent about giving Arturo a psychedelic blowjob. Josh presents a very confusing yet persuasive argument to why Arturo should accept this blowjob. Arturo declines.

Detroit is fucking awesome and crazy. We crash here and we are very comfortable. We crash out and plan a way to get to Kalamazoo the next day. We wish we could stay longer.

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Written by Woncho like Poncho

December 8, 2013 at 8:41 PM

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