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Day 5. Ohio to Detroit, Part 3

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As we bask in our luck, Hippie Angus tells us he wants to try and find us a place to sleep with a co-op. Angus googles this place. We make it to Detroit and get into the area where this co-op is. It’s called 8 mile. We drive through a really bad part of town where there are abandoned buildings everywhere and some buildings are burnt and scary looking. These look like ghetto crack houses. We are a little hesitant.

“You sure we want to stay here? Especially at night?

We find out where we are trying to be. This is kind of weird. Half the people are sketchy people from the neighborhood and the other half are hippies. Everyone is asking what we are doing and Arturo frinds someone to talk to. We talk to him and meet all kinds of people going in and out of this cafe. We are on our toes.

After chilling around for a couple of hours, group meditation, vegan pizza, we end up heading back to a Bando to sleep tonight. We are staying with some nice interesting squatters.

Once we get to the house, it becomes a weird and unforgettable experience. We meet different characters, stories of the house, introduced to Psy-Trance and get educated on “psychedelic blowjobs” by Josh.

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Written by Woncho like Poncho

December 8, 2013 at 7:50 PM

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