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Day 5. Ohio to Detroit part 2

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Pessimistic Albanian
I tell the police officer, “We’re hitchhiking the midwest and documenting the trip. This is my camera man. We can hitchhike from the bridge up there.” He says, “Yeah lets do that. You’re not recording me are you?”

We walk back up the ramp to one of the three truck stops on the other side of the bridge. While we walk to the truck stop, we see a state trooper leave.”

Me and Tina buy coffee, I walk back out and I see the state trooper talking to Arturo and Angus. They don’t really have experience dealing with the cops. I wonder if they will know how to deal with the situation.

They ended up doing a decent job.  This particular state trooper isn’t familiar with interacting with hitchhikers and tells us it’s not safe. I tell him I’ve been doing it for 6 years and that we’re trying to document our experiences. Nothing really happens.

Tina and I walk back toward pilot and catch a ride with Adrian, the pessimistic Albanian guy. He philosophy in life is “Everyone lies” and  “Don’t trust anyone”.

He cuts the trip short and drops us off at exit 179 at a rest stop. Arturo and angus catches a truck a little later and is about an hour behind us.

A worker thought we were hookers so another state trooper rolls up on us and checks us out. He runs our information and tells us we’re clear.

He tells us to be inconspicuious and that we couldn’t use our signs to solicit rides. We tell him our other ride is coming up and they pull up and takes us up a little further.

We get dropped off in a different direction than we originally wanted to be and cross 75 to get back on the northbound side. We start trying to hitchhike again while the sun is still out. Right as we were starting to walk, one of the members of the group has a bag of special treats and throws the bag into a pile of dried grass as the state trooper from the rest stop pulls up again to talk to us. The bag doesn’t hide very well and as I’m talking to the cop, I try to distract him and draw his attention a way from the poorly hidden treats.

Mission accomplished. I ask him if he could give us a lift and tell him it would help us out a lot. He says, “I could not take you to jail and that would help you out a lot as well” I concur. He looks at our pile of gear and looks at his squad car like how is all this shit going to fit.

He asks us if we have weapons and we all hand him out knives and pepper spray. He laughs at us. He tells us we’re luck he likes us.

He takes us a little past Toledo and about 1 mile away from the border of Michigan and Ohio and drops us off at a truck stop. This really helps us out.

While figuring out a strategy, we stick around the pilot and as I walk back outside from taking a piss I see a guy eating a sandwich from Subway. I ask him if he’s heading to Detroit. I tell him that there’s 3 more of us. I could tell he wanted to help us out but not knowing what the others looked like he tells us, “Nah I’m going to have to pass.”

I’m convinced that if he saw the whole crew he’d give us the ride, on account of how normal we look.

I send over Arturo and Tina and they put in work as I watch the bags. Next thing I know he’s putting his baby seat into the trunk.


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Written by Woncho like Poncho

December 8, 2013 at 7:22 PM

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