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Day 4. Hitchhiking the Midwest: Louisville, KY to Mansfield, Ohio

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Guys donate some cash to the cause

Guys donate some cash to the cause

Still in “LouKy”

We all wake up around 10am and pack up and head to the highland areas.

We head to Quills Cafe and I grab a cappuccino.

I walk across the street and intoto Papalinos and ask them if they could hook us up with some pizza in exchange for some for some promotional footage on the documentary and a personal interview. One of the co-workers there is hot as fuck, her name is Sierra.

We head back to Laura’s truck and she tells us she’ll give us a lift outside the city to get towards Mansfield, Ohio. The plan is to meet with a girl I met at a bar in San Marcos who now lives in Ohio to see if anything interesting might happen. We made out at the bar once like 2-3 years ago. We’ll call her “Tammy”

We pull up to a rest stop so we could start hitchhiking rides, and in less than 30 seconds, I jump out the bed of the truck and ask the guy parked next to us to give us a ride. He agrees.

He drives mostly 80-90 mph the whole way. We trade stories of our run-ins with cops. I don’t know anything about performance trucks, but it seems like he has all the top of the line truck gear including an expensive laser detector, and even a camera in the back. John’s a nice guy in his 50s who likes driving fast and being active. He has a Kayak in the back too.

He takes us to Tammy’s place and we say our goodbyes.

We enjoyed each other’s company.

I ask Tammy what there’s to do in this town, she tells us, “Nothing really, just get drunk”

Tammy takes us to Applebees, where she works herself, and asks that manager to us up with free food and Alcohol, she obliges.

I get pretty hammered and as I’m trying to retell a story I fall out of my chair and pretend as if nothing happened and continue with the story.

We head to O’Bryans. 2 guys buys us drinks and donates $5 to the trip. They show lots of love and one of the guys is actually an aspiring male model who likes to party.

We leave O’Bryans and go to Buffalo Wild Wings and I get even drunker and start dancing and eating wings. Words don’t make sense and my crew is making fun of me. We also meet the guy that Tonya’s talking to. Looks like I’m not getting laid.

I fall asleep at the table and we go back to Tonya’s and I knock the fuck out on the floor.

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Written by Woncho like Poncho

November 13, 2013 at 4:45 PM